Yellow monitor lizard of rare species found for the first time in Dehradun

According to Divisional Forest Officer Rajiv Dhiman, this is the first time a Yellow Monitor Lizard has been caught in any area of ​​the capital.

Yellow monitor lizard of rare species found for the first time in Dehradun

A rare species of giant yellow lizard (Yellow Monitor Lizard) was seen near the Bindal bridge in Dehradun. On the information of the people, the forest department team caught it and released it in the forest. The herpetologists of the Wildlife Institute of India say that the Yellow Monitor Lizard is found only in the Gangetic plains. The finding of this in the capital region is a matter of surprise in itself.

Dr. Abhijit Das, a senior herpetologist of Wildlife Institute of India says that it is included in that category of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act which includes lions, tigers. There is a provision of severe punishment for killing it. People usually kill it considering it to be very poisonous, whereas the reality is that it is not poisonous at all.

There are four species of this lizard in the country

According to senior herpetologist Dr Abhijit Das, there are four species of monitor lizards found across the country. Of these, the number of Yellow Monitor Lizards is the least and they are found only in the Gangetic plains. The second species is the Desert Monitor Lizard, which is found in the desert areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat. The third species is the Bengal Monitor Lizard which is found in most of the states of the country. The fourth species of monitor lizards is the water monitor lizard, which is much larger than the other three monitor lizards. It is found in the southern states as well as in Sri Lanka.

Giant python found in factory

A giant python came out near Shree Cement Factory in Laksar on Sunday morning. The villagers were blown away after seeing such a large python. People informed the forest department team about this and as soon as the information was received, the forest department team reached the spot and worked hard for hours to control the python.

Forest Officer Gaurav Kumar Agarwal told that the team caught the python and left it in the forest safely. He said that to keep a watch on the wild animals, patrolling is continuously done in the forest areas adjacent to the population.