World's third-largest diamond found in Botswana

A diamond of 1098 carats has been found in a diamond mine in Botswana, which the country has claimed is the third-largest diamond ever found in the world

World's third-largest diamond found in Botswana

Botswana claims to have found the third largest diamond in the world. According to CNN, this diamond is 1,098 carats and is believed to be the world's third-largest diamond ever found. It was presented to the country's President Mokgwetsi Masisi.

The largest diamond ever found was found in South Africa in 1905, weighing 3,106 carats. It was named Cullinan. The credit of getting the second-largest diamond of 1,109 carats in 2015 also goes to Africa's largest diamond producer Botswana.It got the name Lesedi La Rona.

Earlier this month, the diamond was found at the Jwaneng mine, the richest diamond mine in the world, which is 75 miles from the country's capital Gaborone. The mine is operated by the diamond company Debswana and De Beers Group in collaboration with the Government of Botswana. This information was shared on the official website and official Twitter page of the Botswana government. The Managing Director of the company says that this diamond has brought hope to the country. He told that it is 73 mm long and 52 mm wide. This is to note that  80 percent of the total sale by the company is given to the government as revenue.

This is the largest diamond ever found in the history of the company. President Massisi said that according to the rules, it will be used for the development of the country.