World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated to remind people about the importance of the heart.

World Heart Day

World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated to remind people about the importance of the heart. The heart is the most important part of the body as it delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells and it also removes waste products from the body. It is celebrated every year on 29 September. This year’s theme is ‘Use Heart To Connect’. This year we aim to double the power of digital health to spread awareness and improve CVD awareness, prevention, and management on a global scale. Signs of heart trouble should be taken seriously as it is linked to your longevity and survival. It is important to eat the right things, do exercise, stay away from smoking, alcohol and avoid junk food to avoid getting diseases.

For heart disease, preventive advice is given on several different types of clinical issues including out-of-control blood sugar, trouble breathing, chest pain, racing heartbeats, wound site pain, fever or chills, swelling at the wound site, and lower extremity swelling. To address such issues, after ruling out major cardiac events, and accurate advisory is given to the patients and it includes a reduction in exercise intensity, strict monitoring of diet, and other parameters. Digital health service has potential to prevent readmission significantly. Post-discharge and follow-up care remain key focus areas for service providers.

World Heart Day 2021 History

It was announced for the first time in 1999 by the World Heart Federation in collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO). Antoni Bayes De Luna, the President of WHF was the first one to propose this idea. In 2000, it was celebrated for the first time on 24 September. However, since 2011, World Heart Day is celebrated on 29 September ever since.

World Heart Day 2021 Significance

World Heart Day’s importance is to educate people about the serious threat of various cardiovascular diseases (CVD) poses. Almost 18.6 million people die because of various CVDs like heart attacks and strokes.

World Heart Day is established by WFH aims at preventing people from becoming prone to cardiovascular diseases. It also aims at teaching people how to control risk factors that are usually associated with an unhealthy diet, tobacco consumption, and physical inactivity. 80% of premature deaths occurred due to heart attacks and strokes can be avoided.

How can a person lower the risk of cardiovascular disease?

Patients who are on steroids from long-term they must consult their medical specialists regularly. This may help them in regulating and eliminating the risk factors and lowers the risk of having a heart attack. Therefore, the following lifestyle and risk factor modification strategies may be adopted by all patients:

  • Regular exercise
  • Change in diet – add a lot of fibers whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Also, consume food that is low in processed sugar saturated fat, and salt
  • One must routinely monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, and lipids
  • If you smoke, quit immediately

However, when one is prescribed a steroid, it is best to speak to the medical professional about adopting an alternative instead. Alternatives may include biological response modifying drugs that target the immune system's inflammatory response.