World Environment Day is an annual campaign run by the UN Environment Program every year on June 5

The environment is made up of climate, cleanliness, pollution and trees altogether, and all these things together are directly related to our daily life

World Environment Day is an annual campaign run by the UN Environment Program every year on June 5

The human and the environment are dependent on each other. Environment such as climate pollution or cutting of trees directly affects the human body and health. Human habits whether good and bad affect the environment to a great extent. Good habits like saving trees, reducing climate pollution, keeping cleanliness or bad habits of human like contaminating water, wasting, cutting the excessive amount of trees, all effects the environment and thus us, who are surrounded by this environment. These habits are the reason why we suffer from the might of natural calamities be it earthquakes, cyclones, or floods.2013 and 2021 floods in our own Uttarakhand are live examples of this.

Declared by the United Nations, this day is celebrated to bring awareness to the environment at a global level. It started in 1972 with the World Environment Conference organized by the United Nations General Assembly from  June 5 to  June 16. The first World Environment Day was celebrated on 5 June 1973.
The environment is made up of both Abiotic and Biotic components. In ecology and biology, abiotic components are non-living chemical and physical factors in the environment that affect ecosystems. The example of these are river, mountains,  wind, soil, humidity, minerals, gases, whereas Biotic describes a living component of an ecosystem; for example, organisms, such as plants, insects and animals.

In a general sense, the environment is a unit made up of all the biotic and abiotic elements and the facts, processes and events by these elements, which are affecting our life. It is pervasive all around us and every event of our life depends and takes place on it. All the activities performed by humans affect the environment directly and indirectly. Thus there is also an interdependent relationship between an organism and the environment.

The decree of human intervention on the environment has been increased over the last few decades. We are coming up with new terms such as man-made environment wherein we do see the greenery on the hindsight but these trees do not belong to the soil they are planted in. So on one hand they do gives us oxygen but on the other side, they are making the ground or soil less fertile. We need to understand that every plant has a natural habitat and need to plant trees based on the soil rather than its beauty.

Coronavirus had made humans across the globe to relook at environment protection in a different way altogether. These are the times where we need to be more aware of environmental problems and pledge to give more to the environment rather than only taking from it. Environmental problems like pollution, climate change, etc. are also prompting human beings to rethink their lifestyle and now the need for environmental protection is much more important than anytime before. Today, what we need the most is to make the general public as well as well-read readers aware on the issue of environmental crisis.

This Environment Day, let us be open and pledge to give whatever we can to our surroundings.