Weather hit: Opening of roads promised in 2 hours but closed even after 16 days, passengers stranded

Roads in different parts of Uttarakhand due to landslides. Some are closed even from last 16 days

Weather hit: Opening of roads promised in 2 hours but closed even after 16 days, passengers stranded

Three days ago, the Minister of State for Disaster Management, Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat has instructed the officials that any road that are closed should be opened within two hours in any case, but the reality is that many important routes are closed even after more than 384 hours i.e. sixteen days. Some of them are very important roads. The Lipulekh road of strategic importance connecting the India-China border is also closed for 16 days. The Gunji-Jyolingkang, Jauljibi-Munsiyari, Sobla-Dar-Tidang roads are also closed for more than six days. Same is the situation in Tehri, Chamoli and Pauri.


Nine rural roads are closed in the district. The Gahad Palyapatala rural road has been closed since June 18, the Bagwata-Kandikhal rural road since June 21 at four places. The Raipur-Kumalda-Kaddukhal motorway is closed from June 21 due to heavy debris in km 1 to 9, Gaza-Tamiar-Parskhel rural road from June 19 due to debris in km 4, 7, 10 and 14. EE JP Raturi of PMGSY says that action is going on to open the roads.


Maithanaghat-Bandarkot-Naulapur Main District Road, State Route 34 Karnprayag-Nauti-Paithani is closed from June 19, Main District Road Paithani-Badeth and Main District Road Damdeval-Khedakhal-Chaurikhal from June 19. Changin-Kucholi-Kutkhal other district roads are closed since June 21. Traffic has come to a standstill on 18 motorways of the district since June 19. Traffic is closed on 54 main district, other district and rural motorways on 23 and 24 June.


51 roads are blocked in the district till Thursday. Among them, there are 15 roads of Lonvi. While the rest of PMGSY. All roads are blocked for the last six days. Joshimath Malari Highway is closed since the last 12 days. On the other hand, the power supply to more than 14 villages of Raini and border area is stalled. The electricity supply of 6 villages of Narayan Bagad, 5 of Tharali of Dewal is disrupted for 5 days. The drinking water supply in more than 14 villages is affected.


Three roads of Kapkot and Garud blocks are closed for seven days. Supply is stalled in eight villages of Kafligair tehsil due to Dhurfat-Bori drinking water scheme. EE Jal Sansthan CS Deodi said that JE has been sent to the spot. EE SK Pandey of Lonivi Kapkot told that it will take three days to open the Karmi Toli Motor Marg. Said that other roads would be opened by late Thursday evening.


Four rural roads in the district are closed for five days. In Almora, Aati Hanuman Mandir, Mornaula-Jainti Motor Road, Chakargaon Ghughuti Motor Road, Talet Band to Bilkhola Motor Road are closed for five days. 11 roads are closed in Champawat since June 18. Water supply is stalling in 20 areas of the district since June 18. Traffic is being affected. Due to this people are facing a lot of trouble.


Munsiyari Jauljibi, Munsiyari Chauna, Bans Bagad Kota, Madkot Goripar, Madkot Bona, Madkot Darma, Munsiyari Leelam, Nachni Kotud Marg are closed for six days, Kota Maloun, Dhunamani, Raya Bajeta Marg are closed for three days. Due to the closure of 23 roads in the district, a population of 50 thousand in more than 60 villages has been isolated. There is a water crisis in 10 villages including the disaster-affected Mawani, Dawani, Tanga, Josha, Dhapa. People have to wander for water.

I have normally asked that the routes be opened for two hours. If the road is washed away at someplace, it may take more time. The geographical condition of the state is also not hidden from anyone. I have told the officials that all the necessary machines like JCB etc should be kept near the sensitive areas. The government is trying to make arrangements for at least one JCB in every block said Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat, Minister of State for Disaster Management