Uttarakhand's Vandana  Kataria selected for Olympics

Uttarakhand's daughter Vandana Kataria selected in hockey, aspires to bring a medal for India in Tokyo Olympics

Uttarakhand's Vandana  Kataria selected for Olympics

Vandana Kataria, the daughter of a small village in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, is an emerging name in the world of women's hockey. Today everyone is aware of Vandana Kataria. Vandana Kataria, the former captain and midfielder of the women's hockey team, who has achieved success with passion, dedication and hard work, has once again illuminated the name of Uttarakhand. Vandana Kataria has been selected for the Tokyo Olympics, on July 19, she will go to Tokyo to play the Olympics. She has said that she will come only after winning a medal. Vandana Kataria of Roshanabad, a small village in Haridwar, says that her goal is to win medals for India. Talking to her family members on Tuesday, she said that her only and only goal is to win medals for the country and she will come only after winning medals for the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday interacted with the players going to the Tokyo Olympics through video conferencing and wished them well and said that the whole country is supporting them.

Born on 15 April 1992, Vandana Kataria is from Roshanabad village of Haridwar. She participated in the junior international hockey tournament in 2006 when she was just 14 years old and was then selected in the senior national team in 2010. After this, she won a bronze medal in the Junior World Cup in Germany in 2013 and Vandana became the highest goalscorer there. She was also honored with the Arjuna Award in 2021. Vandana Kataria has played a total of 218 matches for India in which she has managed to score 58 goals. Vandana won silver for the Indian team at the Asian Games 2014 and bronze in 2018. Apart from this, the team became the champion in the 2017 Asia Cup. She was adjudged the best hockey player of the year in the year 2014. Vandana was the top scorer in the Hockey League with 11 goals. After Vandana's selection in the Tokyo Olympics, there has been a wave of happiness in the whole village including her family. His brother Pankaj Kataria says that his sister has brought laurels to the entire Uttarakhand. Vandana is currently preparing for the upcoming Olympics.She told her family members over the phone that her only goal was to get a medal in the Olympics.

Referring to her father in all her interviews, Vandana has said that her father has been her inspiration and the whole world knows her only because of her father. She told that his father inspired him to become a hockey player. Girls are not encouraged in the field of sports in the village they come from, but regardless of this, their father encouraged his daughter to play hockey and today Vandana proudly raises India's name in the whole world. Her father had passed away 2 months back and Vandana says that she will fulfill her father's dream. Vandana Kataria will leave for Delhi on July 17 to play the Olympics in Japan's capital Tokyo.

Dehradun Live's entire team wishes Vandana all the best for Olympics