Uttarakhand: The dream of 'Vaccine Man' to settle in the village remained unfulfilled

Chandraballabh Benzwal, a resident of Rudraprayag in Uttarakhand and popularly known as Vaccine Man, wanted to live in his native village after retiring

Uttarakhand: The dream of 'Vaccine Man' to settle in the village remained unfulfilled

There is a wave of mourning in the village due to the death of Chandraballabh Benzwal, a resident of Benji village of Agastyamuni block in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand and popularly known as Vaccine Man, he is Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the top officials of his office, Ministry of Family Welfare and Health, Ministry of Science and Technology. Was assured that BIBCOL can give the cheap vaccine to the country.

He also gave a presentation on this. The result was that the central government had given permission to BIBCOL to make the corona vaccine. Benzwal was also the head of the indigenous covaxin manufacturing project. He was admitted to the hospital on 18/19 April after being infected with Corona.

Even then he personally supervised every aspect related to the vaccine project. Even after having an oxygen tube in his nose, the vaccine man himself was checking the necessary files till his last days, taking information about the project.

Also played an important role in making polio vaccine

Vaccine Man also played an important role in making the country polio-free. The polio vaccine was developed under his leadership. Along with this, many other medicines are also made under his supervision and guidance, which are much cheaper than private companies.

Benjwal wanted to live in the village

After retiring, Benzwal wanted to live in his native village. He had also got the ancestral house repaired during the lockdown last year. But, his wish could not be fulfilled.

Chandraballabh Benzwal Kushagra was the eldest of the five children of Purushottam Benzwal of Benji village. He passed high school in 1981 from Swami Satchidanand Government Inter College Rudprayag and first-class in 1983 in the Intermediate examination. After this, he studied B.Sc in PG College Gopeshwar. After this, in the year 1988, he received a gold medal in B.Tech from Kanpur HBIT.

After his IIT studies from IIT Madras, he was appointed in India Immunological and Biological Corporation Limited (BIBCOL). He is currently the Senior Vice President. His younger brother Lalit Benzwal told that he was the eldest of five siblings. His dedication towards his work was noticeable. They used to say that a small mistake can cost millions of lives. They lived like friends with the children in the house. Lalit Benzwal explains that according to the strength with which his brother worked, he could not get that recognition.

There was unwavering affection for the soil of the village

Girish Benzwal, Ramkant Benzwal, Jagdanga Benzwal say that Vaccine Man Chandra Ballabh Benzwal was very much in love with his village and soil. He wanted to stay in the village after his retirement. They were weaving dreams for the village and the mountain. He planned to employ the local youth by building a resort in the village of Benji. He wanted to work for the betterment of education along with promoting Pahar and Pahari culture. Last year, while living in the village, he had also made a wide road for the resort by cutting his old fields.

....they are earning money, I am getting wishes

While being posted as Senior Vice President in BIBCOL, sometimes a tinge emerged in his mind. They used to say that the boys with me are earning crores in corporate. I remained a government employee, but no one, they are earning money and I pray. He used to do all his work with full honesty and responsibility.