Two new police posts to be built at the India-Nepal border

Two police posts are going to be built soon on the Nepal border. Security circle to be increased

Two new police posts to be built at the India-Nepal border

The responsibility of monitoring the Nepal border with Uttarakhand is mainly on the shoulders of SSB. SSB monitors the border through border outposts, but now the security circle of the police on the border areas will also increase. For this, two police outposts will be made in the villages adjoining the border. The land search for this has been completed.

Of the eight police stations in Champawat district, four (Banbasa, Tanakpur, Taamli and Pancheshwar) are very close to the Nepal border. These posts are also important from the point of view of rural security and law and order and also because of the newly build Tanakpur-Jauljibi road near the Nepal border and the proposed Pancheshwar dam. The construction of the road has already been done.

Police posts will be constructed at Chuka and Pancheshwar Ghat for the security of all the villages here and to curb illegal activities from Nepal. The land has already been selected for this. Tanakpur CO Avinash Verma and SDM Himanshu Kafaltia have inspected the land and submitted the report to the higher officials.
Smuggling can also be curbed.

Champawat district has a 90 km border with Nepal. The Kali river divides the two countries. In many places, the width of the river is very less. Not only does this make it easier to cross the river, but there have also been cases of illegal activities like the smuggling of wild animals and charas. In such a situation, the security cordon will be strengthened by the police posts along with 19 BOPs of SSB on the 90 km border.

So far these are the police posts on the Nepal border

Banbasa Barrage, Manihargoth, Boom and Thuligad.

The land has been selected for both the proposed police posts on the Nepal border. The proposal has been sent to the State Police Headquarters, from where it will be sent to the government. After getting the approval, the work of outpost construction will start. These checkpoints will be able to organize the security and traffic movement of the villages.