This town of Uttarakhand became an example on its own, no corona case in 14 months

The first corona positive case was found in Uttarakhand on 15-16 March 2020, after 14 months there is a small town where the infection has not yet reached. How did this area of ​​Tehri do wonders on its own?

This town of Uttarakhand became an example on its own, no corona case in 14 months

In the era of Covid epidemic, from the government to the experts, all have been giving instructions that caution and vigilance is the only safety. The same appeal is being made to the people continuously and there are also reports that people are not taking these things seriously. But a town in Uttarakhand has set an example of caution in the way that since the devastation of the corona epidemic has broken in the country, that is, for the last nearly one and a half years, forget the Covid Death is far away, not even a single positive case is been reported here.

The people of Koti town of Tehri have taken constant precautions since the initial phase of Covid and have coordinated with the police and administration in such a way that there is no infection case yet. Local people say that people from here go to work in other cities or states and even people come from outside, despite this, such success is a big thing here.

Koti town, adjacent to Tehri Lake, has a population of about 300, which includes people from many communities and states. Most of the people here depend on business as well as working in THDC. As soon as the Covid infection started last year, the people here made sure that they would take all precautions and follow the guidelines completely. By adopting masks, sanitization and social distancing, these people stopped the movement of outsiders. Not only this, but these people also worked to make the people around them aware.

In  Koti awareness started at homes first, then together with the trade board and the police administration, people pledged to follow the guidelines at all costs. These days, the people of Koti are explaining the guidelines to their surrounding areas as well. Women play a big role in this. They keep on insisting on wearing masks properly and keeping social distancing. These people are constantly getting sanitation done from personal resources. Everyone here knows that first, you need to show that you are aware and set an example only then more people will listen to you.