The issue of land law heated up before the elections in Uttarakhand

The issue of land law heated up on social media before the election. On the lines of Himachal, demand is being raised in Uttarakhand to make the land law strict

The issue of land law heated up before the elections in Uttarakhand

With just a few months left for the assembly elections and just before the assembly elections, the issue of land law has gained momentum in Uttarakhand. It is constantly being demanded by social organizations that the land law should be implemented in Uttarakhand on the same lines as Himachal. Activists associated with social organizations are constantly talking about the issue of land law on social media. Overall, the issue of land law is hot on social media. Everyone is raising their voice in support of this law and talking about implementing this law in Uttarakhand on the lines of Himachal. There is a land law movement on social media and this issue is trending everywhere. This campaign has spread like fire everywhere from Instagram to Twitter and Facebook.

This is the first time that a political issue has become so hot on social media. The resentment is visible within the people about the buying and selling of land on the mountains by people from outside states. He says that employment is decreasing in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is also a victim of migration and after that, outsiders are continuously occupying the land here and a large number of land is being bought and sold on the mountains, due to which the people here are suffering. Within Uttarakhand, the campaign for the demand of land law like Himachal has been going on for the last several years and at present, this campaign has once again caught fire in the social media.

Let us first tell you what is this land law and why the demand for empowering this law in Uttarakhand is rising on social media and why this issue has caught fire on social media. Land law means only and only your right over the land. Now the people of the hills say that people from outside states are occupying the lands of Uttarakhand. When the state of Uttarakhand was formed, till 2002, people from outside states could only buy land up to 500 square meters in Uttarakhand. In 2007, the limit was increased to 250 square meters, after which Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat added two new clauses to this entire law on 6 October 2018 and the maximum limit for purchase of land in the mountains under these sections was abolished. This meant that anyone could buy land from outside states anywhere in Uttarakhand and at the same time, land sealing in Dehradun, Haridwar, US Nagar districts was also abolished and the land was bought or sold in excess of the prescribed limit. Overall, since the inception of the state, a strong land law has not been implemented in the state till now and the people of Uttarakhand have to bear the brunt of it. The land law of Uttarakhand is very weak as compared to Himachal Pradesh and the demand to strengthen it is being raised continuously by the people.

Film actor Hemant Pandey has said that if a strong land law is not implemented in Uttarakhand in time, the condition of the state will also become like Kashmir. He said that land law is very important for the state and if it is not done then for the coming generation Uttarakhand will only remain a name and its culture, language will be lost. He said that there is a need for everyone to support the law and force the government to implement that law. Hemant Pandey said that we have to start a new freedom movement and protect our motherland. He said that on the lines of Himachal, the right of people from outside states should be removed on the land here as well. If this continues, the future of Uttarakhand is going to be terrible.

At the same time, former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat has also given a big statement. He has said that if Congress comes to power in 2022, we will implement a better land law than that of Himachal Pradesh. Targeting the BJP, he said that after amending this law, the BJP has completely opened the way for the capitalists to buy and sell land in the state, and if the Congress government comes to power, then the state will have stricter land laws than Himachal.