SDG Goal: Uttarakhand came third in the overall ranking, a setback on the economic development front

The state has made progress as compared to other states in the areas of poverty reduction, food security, reducing malnutrition, energy, forest management, social security, law and order

SDG Goal: Uttarakhand came third in the overall ranking, a setback on the economic development front

Uttarakhand has jumped from ninth to third place in the picture of the overall ranking of Sustainable Development Goals for 2020 by NITI Aayog. Despite this spectacular improvement in the overall ranking, the state has suffered a slight setback on the economic development front.

The state's ranking has gone up from 6th to 8th in the goal of excellent work and economic development. Uttarakhand has moved from fifth ranking to 13th in the target of forest and environment. The state government is blaming the Covid-19 pandemic for this.

The government believes that the situation created after the first and second wave of Corona has caused huge damage to the economy of a small state like According to the statement issued by the Niti Aayog, Kerala has been ranked first according to the SDG Index Report 2020. Uttarakhand has reached the third position by securing a total of 72 points. In terms of law and order, Uttarakhand stood first in the country, last year it was second.

Ranking improvement

Uttarakhand has improved her rankings in the following parameters:

Law and order, reducing hunger, health, quality education, affordable energy, industry, reducing inequalities in consumption and production, partnership for goals.

Below is the 2019 and 2020 data for Uttarakhand

Regions                                                     2019                                 2020
Goal                                               Score         Ranking           Score        Ranking
Zero poverty                                     64               07                  74                07
Malnutrition free                                45               10                  61                08
Better health                                     58               13                  77                08
Quality Education                             66               07                  70                04
Gender equality                                38               11                  46                13
Clean water and sanitation               90               05                 85                11
Economical Energy                           78              09                 100               01
Economic growth                              73               06                 36                08
Industry and Infrastructure                55              11                  56                10
Reduction of Inequalities                  59              17                  77                 04
Urban Development                          51              09                 76                 09
Consumption and Production           50               14                 82                 06
Climate change                                59               08                  60                09
Forest and Environment                   95               05                 64                13
Law and order                                   85              02                  86                01
Overall Ranking                                64              09                  72                03

These works improved the ranking

According to a press statement issued by the Center for Public Policy and Good Governance, Department of Planning, a dashboard was created for regular review of district-level indicators. Sustainable goals were included in the three-tier panchayats. Apart from this, effective partnership with the private sector, corporate, academic and research institutions at national and international institutions also helped to achieve the targets on time.

The improvement in the ranking is a matter of pride for the entire state. The improvement in the areas of public concern shows how sensitively the government has acted. There are many reasons for the decline in the ranking of economic development. The Covid-19 epidemic is a big reason for this. Due to this, the income from Excise, Mining, GST etc. has suffered huge loss said  Subodh Uniyal, Government Spokesperson and Cabinet Minister, Government of Uttarakhand

We had prepared indicators of SDG targets at the state level also conducted workshops with UNDP in all districts to create awareness about SDG goals among people working in the system. We got a lot of benefit from them said Manisha Panwar, Additional Chief Secretary, Planning