Satyam Rastogi : A name to reckon with in Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking, also known as penetration testing or pen testing, means legally breaking into computers and devices to test an organization's defenses

Satyam Rastogi : A name to reckon with in Ethical hacking

Ethical hacking, also known as penetration testing or pen testing, means legally breaking into computers and devices to test an organization's defenses. It is one of the most exciting IT jobs any person can be involved in. An ethical hacker can get paid to keep up with the latest technology and get to break into computers without the threat of being arrested.

Companies hire ethical hackers to identify vulnerabilities in their systems. If you can hack into an Organization’s system, the Organization gives you a chance to close the hole before an attacker discovers it. If you don’t find anything, your client is even happier because they now get to declare their systems “secure enough that even paid hackers couldn’t break into it.”In short, you win you win you lose then also you win.
Ethical hacking was unheard of until 2003 when companies felt the need of roping in experts who can have the understanding of how hackers and cyber crooks think and treat the network before hacking playing around the vulnerabilities. One such known name in the field of ethical hacking is Satyam Rastogi, the guy who found bugs in the websites of companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft to name a few.

Born Rudrapur, Uttrakhand and currently based in Dehradun, Satyam is progressing slowly and steadily in the world as a competent ethical hacker.He has worked with several Indian and overseas companies and has proven to be a valuable asset wherever he worked. Besides being an expert in ethical hacking, he also talks on this subject to young people who aspire to choose ethical hacking as their career choice.
His expertise in ethical hacking can be known by the fact he has gained a wide range of accreditations and global certifications like CEH, ECSA, CISA, and OSCP to name a few. He is also linked with several communities including the cloud security alliance, Owasp foundation etc., which speaks a lot about his understanding and grip on the subject.

He is currently working in a US-based multinational company called Bamko Inc wherein he holds key positions in the department of security and ethical hacking. Bamko Inc deals in data, analytics, trend analysis, and consumer experience to understand and help to form smart and informed business decisions. They apply their expertise gained through the real-world application of industrial design to product manufacturing and helps navigating ideas from concept to reality. Satyam helps them to achieve this in a big way.

Finding a bug in Google

When Google, the most used search engine in the world, found a mistake in their system, not only Google accepts it but also reward the person who has found that bug. Satyam Rastogi, the 24-year-old cyber expert, has proved his talent by finding fault in the search engine Google on December 20, 2018. Google's security team gave him an incentive of $ 500 as a reward for finding the mistake that time.

The bug (virus) was named CSRF in Famebeat (which contains Google's ads) on Google's site. After finding the bug he immediately sent a mail to Google's security team about the bug. After a while, Google also confirmed the mistake. Upon finding the mistake, Google mailed him a $500 incentive amount. Google's security team also awarded Satyam the 541st rank in the Hall of Fame under the vulnerability program.
Satyam was also invited to Google's annual conference in Chicago (USA) in 2019. Satyam also found bugs in the websites of Apple and Microsoft company in 2017. Even then he was greatly encouraged.


Satyam has studied Israel's OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) course online. Very few people are able to complete this course in India. Apart from this he also has global certifications like CEH, ECSA, CISA, and OSCP.

Satyam works as a bug bounty hunter, a term given to hackers based on the bounty hunters of America in the 19th century. He hunts the bugs and got paid for it. He is a true believer in integrity and perseverance and remains vocal about these values. Due to Covid he is not able to travel anywhere and is connecting to his clients across the world virtually. His life is surrounded by computers, ethical hacking tools, software and equipment, which remain a part and parcel of his life. He is simply unstoppable when it comes to working and giving the best of ethical hacking solutions. He has to go a long way and this is just his start as he is going to set a trend in this domain. Hacking is his passion and he loves his job to the core. We from the team of Dehradun Live wishes Satyam our best wishes for his life and career.