PV Sindhu missed out on silver after losing straight games, will now fight for bronze

India's star badminton player PV Sindhu missed out on her second consecutive silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics after losing to Tai Tzu Ying of Chinese Taipei in the semi-finals

PV Sindhu missed out on silver after losing straight games, will now fight for bronze

In the Tokyo Olympics, India's star badminton player PV Sindhu has not had a good start in the semi-finals. And Tai Tzu Ying of world number-1 Chinese Taipei took the first game 21-18 to take a 1-0 lead. PV Sindhu started very aggressively like the previous match and she also took a good lead, but the Taipei player showed in the decisive moments why she is the world No.1. At one point the score was tied at 18-18, but in the deciding moments, Tai Tzu Ying grabbed the first game with three points in his kitty.

1st game: Sindhu gets battered in crucial moments

PV Sindhu started the match with a similar attack as she finished in the previous match against Yamaguchi. Same attacking stance, the same energy and just as awesome returns, within minutes of the first game, the Indian player took an 8-4 lead. From here Ta Tzu Ying got two points, but showing a little confidence, Sindhu soon put herself ahead, but again in the points fight, Xu Ying took her point to seven with a fine smash. During this, Xu Ying showed how much she had a grip on the game with the net, but the world champion did not show such mastery in log return or rally. There were also some unforced errors and again the score went 11-8 in Sindhu's favour. This was after the first ten minutes.

After a short break, Xu Ying picked up some good points and the score was soon level at 13-13. From here Sidhu took the lead when the Taipei player's return shot got stuck in the net, but a similar situation happened at Sindhu's next point and the score was leveled at 14-14. From here Sidhu got two points. Sindhu made a comeback when Tai Tzu Ying's return again fell in her court and the score was reduced to 17-16 by PV. From here there was a long rally between the two, but Tai Tzu Ying won the match and the score was leveled at 17-17.From here Sindhu looked a bit slow and when the score was level at 18-18, from here Tai Tzu Ying put three points in her bag to win the first game.

Second game: The effect of defeat was visible.. and Sindhu was shattered

The impact of the loss in the first game was also visible on Sindhu. Tai's aggression, riding on the chariot of psychological gain, went to a different level. The mistakes of the first game were missing. Excellent return, smash and good returns, the result was Xu Ying leading 11-7 after the first break of the second game. Tai's confidence was increasing and PV Sindhu's nervousness and the score reached 16-8 on sight. From here the future of the match was visible to a great extent and Sindhu had to do something from here.

Taking a point from here, Sindhu scored 9-16 and also captured the service. Incorrect mistakes were made by Xu Ying, the score reached 12-18, but the difference of points had become too much. The decisive moment had arrived. And once again the World No. 1 player, showing her experience in the decisive moments, won the second game 21-12 and entered the final by winning the match in straight games.