New rules for Driving License are going to be implemented from July 1

The government has changed the rules for getting a driving license, which will make the road to make Driving Licenses much easier

New rules for Driving License are going to be implemented from July 1

Now the long wait for a driving license is going to end. New rules for the driving license are going to be implemented across the country from July 1. Now you do not require to go to RTO and give a test to get the driving license.

According to the new rules issued by the Ministry of Road and Transport, any person who has passed the test from any government-recognized driving training center will be exempted from the driving test to be conducted at the RTO while applying for the license. That is, he will not have to give the driving test at RTO. His driving license will be made on the certificate of Private Driving Training Center only.

The new driving license rules will come into effect from July 1, which will allow only those private driving training centers, which are recognized by the State Transport Authority (STA) or by the central government. The recognition of these training centers will be for five years, after which they will have to be renewed by the government.

Many institutes in Dehradun, challenge to meet the rules

According to RTO administration Dinesh Chandra Pathoi, many institutes in Doon have been recognized for training. However, it remains to be seen how well they fit according to the new rules. There should be at least one acre near the center of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and light motor vehicles and at least two acres near the center of medium and heavy vehicles or trailers. The trainer must be at least 12th pass and have 5 years experience.

Training will be in two parts

The ministry has also prescribed a teaching curriculum. For driving light motor vehicles, the duration of the course will be a maximum of four weeks lasting 29 hours. The syllabus of these driving centers will be divided into two parts. One part will be of theory and the other part will be of practical. People have to spend 21 hours learning to drive on basic roads, rural roads, highways, city roads, reversing and parking, uphill and downhill driving and so on. The theory part will cover eight hours of the entire course. This will include understanding road etiquette, road rage, traffic education, understanding the causes of accidents, first aid and driving fuel efficiency.