Never adopt these habits right after meal, know why

It is not just about eating right, but some common habits should be avoided right after a meal. When it comes to eating habits, it is directly related to your health and overall well-being

Never adopt these habits right after meal, know why

After eating proper food, most people have a habit of eating anything. However, this is not good and once we leave it then it will prove beneficial to our health. For example, people like to drink coffee or tea after eating food, which is very harmful. We are telling you about some habits which should never be adopted after a meal.

Consumption of tea, coffee

The habit of drinking tea or coffee should be changed after meals as it causes digestion problems. These habits are responsible for many problems like anemia, headache, loss of appetite, cold hands and feet. Therefore, tea or coffee should not be used one hour before meals and one hour after meals.

Eating fruits

Eating fruits right after eating food is also bad for your health. If your stomach is completely full and you start eating fruits, then you will have a problem digesting these fruits. Because of this, you will not be able to get the complete nutrients from fruits.

Drinking cold water

Most of us have a habit of drinking cold water after meals or with meals. But this should not be done. Coldwater after a meal makes the food swarm, slows down the digestive system, and makes it difficult for the body to digest the food. You should drink lukewarm water 45 minutes after having a meal.


Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking right after eating causes more damage to our bodies. This can lead to irritable bowel syndrome which can further lead to ulcers. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disease that damages the large intestine. In this, the person starts seeing symptoms like abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, ten, constipation, or gas.


Do not take a bath immediately after eating. It can cause a sharp drop in body temperature which affects the blood circulation in the body. This way your blood will no longer be able to aid in digestion and only the skin will be able to maintain body temperature.


Do not sleep immediately after eating. It can cause heartburn, sleep apnea and snoring. After eating, take a walk for a while, and then go to sleep. Similarly, your body needs energy to digest food. If you spend this energy on exercise, it will slow down digestion. People can get nausea, cramps or even diarrhea if they have adopted bad habits.