“Neeraj" is “Gold” : Free petrol, hair cutting offer to those named 'Neeraj'

After Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal in Tokyo Olympics, it has proven a lottery of short for the people named 'Neeraj' in Gujarat

“Neeraj" is “Gold” : Free petrol, hair cutting offer to those named 'Neeraj'

The whole country is celebrating the gold medal of javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra at the Tokyo Olympics. However , a petrol pump owner in Bharuch, Gujarat, opened his heart in the joy of Neeraj's golden victory. The petrol pump owner offered free petrol to people named 'Neeraj'. This offer was till 5th August evening.

Bharuch petrol pump owner Ayub Pathan gave free petrol worth Rs 501 to people named Neeraj in the joy of victory. He made this unique offer in honor of Neeraj Chopra, who won the gold medal in javelin throw. Ayub Pathan said that this offer is available for two days. We gave free petrol in honor of Neeraj Chopra to all those with valid ID of their names

Free petrol to those named 'Neeraj'

After the announcement of free petrol by the petrol pump owner, a salon owner in Ankleshwar, Gujarat has also presented a unique offer in honor of Neeraj Chopra. Free hair cutting is being done for customers named Neeraj in the salon.

On this initiative, the salon owner said that there are many sports in India besides cricket, which should be encouraged. Neeraj Chopra has won a gold medal for the country, making the entire nation proud, so this offer is part of an incentive. He told that as soon as the offer is announced, people named Neeraj are reaching for a haircut.

23-year-old Neeraj Chopra has created history by winning a gold medal in the javelin throw event at the Tokyo Olympics. This is India's first Olympic gold medal in track and field in athletics in over 100 years.