Leopard snatched two and a half-year-old girl from mother's hand in Gangolihat

This family of Nepal origin does Lisa harness. They are living in a hut in the forest for three months

Leopard snatched two and a half-year-old girl from mother's hand in Gangolihat

A two-and-a-half-year-old girl, who was walking holding her mother's hand, was taken away by a leopard in Umbrella Tok of Jarmal village, 10 km from the Gangolihat block headquarters in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Nepal resident Vikas Bahadur was bringing water along with his wife and two and a half-year-old girl Riya in Chhatta Tok. Mother was walking holding Riya's hand. Both were about 10 meters away from the house, while Vikas was 20 meters behind them.

Then the leopard grabbed the girl in its jaws and fled into the forest. Forest worker Diwan Singh also reached the spot on information. On getting the information, Forest Ranger Manoj Sanwal has left for the spot along with the team. Under the leadership of village head Pushkar Singh and Sarpanch Chandra Singh, the villagers are trying to find the girl. The girl's whereabouts could not be traced till the reporting of this piece.

Villagers told that every year this family comes to harness Lisa. There was no other house near their house. The nearest house is 50 meters away from their house. There is panic in the entire area after this incident.

Second Leopard seen in Dabra village, patrolling intensified

In Garhwal, there was a panic because of the sighting of a Leopard in Dabra village of Pokhara block of Satpuli and the surrounding area. Now a second Leopard is continuously visible in the area. The forest personnel has seen the Leopard during night patrolling after which the forest personnel has intensified patrolling and also alerted the villagers. The Leopard is not even bursting near the cage installed in the village to catch him.

After the elimination of Leopard who killed the female Godambri Devi, the villagers have been seeing another Leopard in the area for two consecutive days. Due to the panic of Leopard, people are afraid to move alone. Children are also not being allowed to leave the house.

On Friday night, the forest workers were seen hiding in the bushes, but the Leopard is not getting close to the cage. Range Officer Suchi Chauhan said that the Forest Department is making every effort to capture the other Leopard in the cage. Patrolling continues at night for security. If needed, the location of the cage will be changed. At the same time, the village head Monika Devi told that Leopard starts walking near the village as soon as the day approaches. The patrolling of the forest department is going on.