Know the benefits of liquorice(Mulethi) which is an Ayurvedic medicine

The problem of cold-cough is one of the common problems during the cold season.

Know the benefits of liquorice(Mulethi) which is an Ayurvedic medicine

There are many things present in the Indian kitchen which are considered to be full of health properties. The problem of cold-cough is one of the common problems during the cold season. To remove cough and cold, we use many such things present in the kitchen, which can not only help us to keep away from this problem but also bring other benefits.

Today we are talking about liquorice. Mulethi is an Ayurvedic medicine. You can use Mulethi by sucking or in other ways. In fact, Mulethi is found in good amounts of calcium, glyceric acid, antioxidants, antibiotics and proteins, which can help protect against not only cold and cough but also viral flu. 

What is liquorice(Mulethi)

Liquorice(Mulethi) is called Licorice in English, which is one of the most popular medicines of Ayurveda. This is because its consumption works to relieve cough, and sore throat, give strength and even improve fertility. According to Ayurveda, Mulethi has a cooling effect, it is not easy to digest, but it is sweet in taste. However, it should be consumed in limited quantity, as an excessive amount of liquorice can cause much damage. 

So let's know about the benefits of Mulethi

Benefits of Mulethi: (Mulethi Ke Fayde)

  1. Touch the cough: In the winter season, the problem of cough is very disturbing. If you have a cough problem, then you can suck a piece of liquorice and eat it, it can get relief from the cough.
  1. Relief from mouth ulcers: The problem of mouth ulcers is often seen in many people. To remove mouth ulcers, you can suck a piece of liquorice by applying honey. This can give relief to ulcers.
  1. Relief from hiccups: If you are troubled by hiccups, then do not panic, to remove hiccups, you can keep a piece of liquorice in your mouth or you can suck it with honey in the mouth. The nutrients found in it can help in removing hiccups.
  1. Better for the stomach: Constipation, acidity and stomach-related problems are trouble due to wrong eating habits. You can consume liquorice tea to get relief from constipation. The glycyrrhizic acid present in liquorice can help in relieving problems like gastritis and ulcers.
  1. Make hair long and thick: Mulethi is also considered very beneficial for hair. If you are troubled by the problem of dry and lifeless hair, then you can use liquorice. Mixing liquorice and gooseberry powder in an equal quantity of water and drinking it can keep hair and skin healthy.
  1. For Weight Loss: The use of Mulethi includes reducing belly fat as well as reducing weight. Research has been published in this regard on the site of NCBI. According to these research papers, using liquorice powder or liquorice extract can help reduce weight to some extent.
  1. For hormonal problems: Liquorice can help balance hormones. Its root has traditionally been used to balance hormones. According to research available on NCBI, liquorice root is also known to be used as a herbal supplement specifically to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS (20). However, more research is needed on this topic.