Jamrani Dam: State government's approval for land acquisition

The state government has given approval to acquire land for the Jamrani dam project. Instructions have been issued to DM Nainital to issue notification for land acquisition.

Jamrani Dam: State government's approval for land acquisition

About 47 hectares of land is required for the construction of Jamrani Dam, which is about 9 km in length and 1.5 km in width. 6 villages (submerged areas) are coming under the purview of dam construction that includes houses of about 158 ​​families and the land of 821 people. The land for the project will be acquired under Section 8 of the Land Acquisition Act (Lara Act).The decision on the land acquisition here was very important as based on this; the processes related to dam construction will proceed. After the government decided to acquire land under Section 8 of the Lara Act, it has become clear that the dam will be built on the proposed area itself. This is the first time in so many years that the project was conceptualized and a decision has been taken to acquire the land.

Jamrani Dam at a Glance

  • Dam cost: 2584 crores
  • The length of the dam is 9 km, the width is 1.5 km
  • The height of the proposed dam is 130.60 m
  • 14 megawatts of electricity will be produced
  • The first proposal was made in 1965
  • In 1975, approval was received from the Central Water Commission
  • Six villages are coming in the submergence area

These villages will be affected :

Tilwadi, Mudkudiya, Utwan, Gamraad, Pastola, Khaljala

What is SIA Survey :

A Social Impact Assessment (SIA) survey was conducted in the village for the Jamrani dam project. In this, the team set by the government conducted a survey in the village with the help of local public representatives and social workers. In this, the problems faced by the villagers due to the construction of the dam and the social circle affected, the profit and loss caused by the dam to the public and the government were assessed. Thereafter the report was submitted to the government.

What is section 8 and 11 of Lara Act :

The Land Acquisition Act 2013 has been prescribed by the Central Government. Under section 8 of this, the government decides after studying the SIA report, profit and loss and listening to all the sides. This is important also because the government decides if the project has to be worked on and land has to be acquired for this. The government has done its job. Now under section 11, work needs to be done at the level of the District Magistrate. After this, the first notification of land acquisition will be issued. Later public information will be put out and suggestions/ objections from the people from the affected areas will be sought after.

That's why this action was necessary :

ADB is funding the Jamrani Dam. But this funding is for construction. The government has to do the work of acquisition of land and rehabilitation of the villagers. ADB will only fund after this work is done. About 400 crores are estimated to be spent on the entire rehabilitation work. If the government has approved land acquisition under section 8, then it will clear the intention of the government to carry forward the work regarding the project.