IIT Roorkee will prepare the map of Delhi for 2041, in agreement with DDA

The master plan to be prepared covering 160 points will use state-of-the-art technology

IIT Roorkee will prepare the map of Delhi for 2041, in agreement with DDA

IIT Roorkee will prepare the map of the dream Delhi that is being talked about in the year 2041. For this, an MoU has been signed between Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the institute.

About seven crores will be spent in the first phase, in which Geographic Information System (GIS) based master plan will be prepared after preparing the blueprint of present Delhi. The master plan to be prepared covering 160 points will use state-of-the-art technology. It will include all the facilities of the Smart City level.

The national capital Delhi has developed rapidly in the last two decades, but no master plan has been prepared since 1962. Now DDA has started the exercise of “Navnirman” of Delhi in the coming 20 years.

Under this, all the facilities of the large population are being kept in mind. To make this dream come true, Additional Commissioner K Srirangan on behalf of DDA and Civil Department scientist Prof. Kamal Jain has signed the MoU.

Pro. Kamal Jain said that according to the MoU, a map of about 1500 sq km area is being prepared under the master plan for the year 2041. Work on this has been started. After the preparation of the map, there will be a field survey of all the buildings across Delhi. In the next phase, a blueprint of the facilities will be prepared in the master plan.

In this, there will be a complete plan of the community facility at the level of smart city including drainage, encroachment, water supply. Pro. Jain told that this scheme will be done in four phases. In the first phase, the present picture of Delhi will be prepared for about seven crores.

Every building will have a picture on the internet

In the map being made under the master plan, pictures of every residential, commercial, government, non-government buildings of Delhi and the picture including the details of hospitals, gyms, malls, parks, roads, squares, markets, roadways, airports will be available on the Internet. In this, full details of the name of the owner of each building, the size of his building etc. can be seen.

...so that water does not fill anywhere in Delhi

UAV drones are being used to prepare the master plan. Pro. Jain said that it will mark the height above sea level at every point. This is also called contour mapping, which will tell in which direction the slopes will be if a place is filled with water.

On the basis of this, a drainage plan will be prepared so that water does not fill anywhere in Delhi. For this, topography will also be prepared with the help of drones. The special thing will be that 2D and 3D maps will also be made for the drainage plan.

Amrit mission's fixed symbols will be on the map

The map will use the symbols prescribed under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (MRUT). That is, only the colors prescribed for government buildings, roads, railways, roadways etc. will be able to identify the respective places on the map. According to Prof. Kamal Jain, the pictures will be so clear that even electric poles can be seen clearly on the map, it is possible through high-resolution cameras installed in the drone camera