If you are planning to come to Mussoorie on the weekend, read the news

If you are planning to visit the Queen of Mountains Mussoorie this weekend, then definitely keep in mind that now only 15000 tourists will be able to stay there

If you are planning to come to Mussoorie on the weekend, read the news

If you are going to the Queen of mountains Mussoorie on the weekend, then definitely read this news. In order to prevent corona infection, the district administration has fixed the number of tourists for Mussoorie this time to control the crowd gathering at tourist places over the weekend. Only 15,000 tourists will be able to stay in Mussoorie this weekend. Adding this condition prominently in the guidelines issued by District Magistrate Dr. R Rajesh Kumar for Mussoorie on Friday evening, orders were given to the local police-administration to make it compliance. All the hotels, guest houses and homestays have been asked to provide the record of tourists staying in the administration. Mussoorie has about 350 hotels, lodges, guest houses and home stays, which can accommodate 25,000 tourists. Along with this, there is a parking capacity of 1000 vehicles.

The District Magistrate has continued the requirement of negative test report of corona within 72 hours, registration on Dehradun Smart City Portal and hotel booking for tourists coming to Mussoorie on weekends, while maintaining the arrangement that has been going on for the last five weeks. There is also a ban on two-wheeler entry in Mussoorie on weekends. Along with this, the District Magistrate has also banned the entry of tourists in rivers, ponds and springs on weekends at tourist places like Mussoorie, Sahasradhara and Guchupani.

Arrangement will be there from Saturday morning till eight in the morning

The District Magistrate said that this arrangement and rules will be applicable from Saturday morning till Monday at 8 am. After the High Court's strictness to control the crowd at tourist places, the government has adopted a strict attitude. In this regard, strict orders have been given to all the District Magistrates on behalf of Chief Secretary SS Sandhu. For this reason, restrictions and conditions have been imposed in Mussoorie and Nainital for the last five weeks.

Only 15000 tourists will stay

Issuing new rules for this weekend, the District Magistrate has added the condition of staying only 15,000 tourists in Mussoorie. Along with this, the District Magistrate has directed Senior Superintendent of Police Dr. Yogendra Singh Rawat to ensure compliance of the rules. Under the conditions, there will be a ban on local citizens of Doon and tourists traveling to Mussoorie on two-wheelers from nearby cities on weekends.

Also know this

If someone wants to go by his car, then corona test report and hotel booking will be mandatory for him. The exemption to go from Dehradun to Mussoorie by roadways bus has been retained. Apart from this, permission will be given to go from Doon to Mussoorie only in case of emergency. Local residents of Mussoorie will be able to move by showing an identity card. At the same time, the Senior Superintendent of Police said that 120 policemen are being deployed at Company Garden, Mall Road and other places in Mussoorie this weekend.

Barriers are installed here for investigation


Vehicles are already being checked here. Now tourists will be allowed here only after showing the prescribed documents.

Kuthal Gate:

From here tourists go to Mussoorie. Strict checking will be done by putting a barrier at Kuthal Gate also.

Kimari Area:

Some tourists visit Mussoorie from Cantt area via Kimari. In such a situation, documents will be checked by the police by putting a barrier in the Kimari area.