High Court orders immediate release of 23 crores of salary for roadways employees

The High Court heard the case of the Roadways Employees Union filed against the non-payment of salaries to the roadways employees for five months.

High Court orders immediate release of 23 crores of salary for roadways employees

The High Court has directed to release Rs 23 crore for the salary of roadways employees by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. Along with this, the MD of Transport Corporation has been asked to prepare a revival plan including full details of the properties of Uttarakhand in Uttar Pradesh and give it to the secretary. So that the secretary should place the plan before the government and the next cabinet can decide on it.

The Chief Secretary should inform the court about the decision of the cabinet. At the same time, in the Supreme Court, he has been asked to plead with the government to remove the stay order on giving 27 crores to Uttarakhand in the sharing of assets with UP. This information will also have to be given in the next hearing. The court, in the last hearing, expressed surprise at the rejection of the request to convene a cabinet meeting, remarking that it means that the government is not paying attention to the problem of roadways. The court said that the employees are not responsible for the loss caused by the corona epidemic. Salary for work is their fundamental right. The government cannot take away this right.

On Tuesday, a division bench of Chief Justice RS Chauhan and Justice Alok Kumar Verma heard the public interest litigation of Uttaranchal Roadways Employees Union and Roadways Employees Joint Council. In which Chief Secretary Omprakash, Finance Secretary Amit Negi, Transport Secretary Ranjit Sinha, Roadways MD Abhishek Ruhela Vachurali appeared. The Finance Secretary told the court that since April 2020, more than 190 crores have been given to the roadways. On this, the court said it was the right of roadways employees, you have not given any donation. 102 crore more is needed for salary till December. The court asked when can the government give 23 crores.

The Finance Secretary said that the amount is currently in the Treasury as per the normal procedure. On this, the court asked that why is the normal procedure being adopted in unusual circumstances. When asked a question to the Chief Secretary on releasing 23 crores by Tuesday evening or by Wednesday, the CS said that the amount will be released by this evening or tomorrow morning. The Chief Secretary informed that the proposal for the revival of roadways is ready. If buses will run in the coming time, then the financial situation will be improved. The court said that the principle of planning is to prepare for the worst of times. Therefore, the plan should have been made till December 2021. What will happen if the officers do not present the correct facts in front of the cabinet.

Officers can do planning even by sitting over tea

The court asked the Chief Secretary why 23 crores of salary had not been released till now. Do officers get training to show a feel-good image? The Chief Secretary told the court that the cabinet was sitting on June 25, this matter will be kept in the next meeting. Told the Finance Secretary that the salaries were not paid to the employees. Now diesel prices have also increased, if you do not have money to run buses, how will the corporation run. The secretary told the transport that why do you bring an incomplete proposal. While the Chief Secretary, Transport Secretary and Finance Secretary are all senior. Why don't you make a proposal by sitting over tea? Why do you put the responsibility on each other's heads? This has only aggravated the problem. Roadways advocate MC Pant said that future salary, PF, gratuity, ESI are not mentioned in the plan prepared by the MD. Due to the non-deposit of ESI and PF, health problems are coming along with the future of the employees.