Here is the rate of 24-carat gold in Dehradun, know today's price

The price of 10 grams of gold in Dehradun stood at Rs 50,330.0. Today 24-carat gold is Rs 160.0 higher than yesterday, while silver was priced at Rs 74,420.0

Here is the rate of 24-carat gold in Dehradun, know today's price

Yesterday in Dehradun 10 grams of gold were priced at Rs 50,330.0 and silver at Rs 74,420.0 per kg.

There are many things people need to keep in mind while buying gold items from the bullion market. For example, people often fall prey to misunderstandings about the purity of gold and in many cases, the jewellers themselves can fool the people. Buy hallmarked jewellery to avoid getting cheated.

Benefits of Hallmark jewellery

• Less chance of getting fake gold if it is hallmarked.

• Jewelers do not deduct depreciation costs on selling hallmarked jewellery.

• You can sell your jewelry wherever you want, having a hallmark will give it a fair price.

Be careful while buying

Under the hallmarking done from the BIS registered center, 5 types of marks are printed on each piece of jewellery.

  1. Logo of BIS
  2. The fitness number ie carat sign
  3. The marking center logo
  4. The year code
  5. The jeweller's logo or trademark


Those who do half-completed hallmarking without BIS registration keep only 3 or 4 instead of 5 stamps.