Movement halted on the strategically important Gangotri Highway, India-China border cut off

Due to the halt of movement on the strategically important Gangotri Highway, connectivity with Gangotri Dham as well as the India-China border has been cut off

Movement halted on the strategically important Gangotri Highway, India-China border cut off

Gangotri Highway remains closed for the second day at Sunagar. The road cannot be opened due to 20 meters of the highway falling into the river. Two BRO machines and 30 laborers are busy opening the highway. District Disaster Management Officer Devendra Patwal has expressed hope of opening the highway by this evening. 


This is to learn that the landslide affected Sunagar area remains a canker for Gangotri Highway. In the early hours of Monday, the highway was blocked due to heavy landslides even without rain. After getting the information, the workers and machines of BRO are engaged in opening the highway, but due to intermittent debris coming on the highway, the way is not being opened.

According to the information, some local people had left Gangotri in the early hours of Monday to collect water from Ganges. They had to return due to the blockade of the highway. Villages like Harshil, Mukhba, Dharali, Jaspur, Jhala, Sukki, Gangnani, etc. in Upala Taknaur area, including forward posts along the Indo-China border with Gangotri Dham, have been isolated due to the suspension of movement on the strategically important highway.


At the same time, due to the closure of the highway, the SDRF team rescued a pregnant woman and admitted her to the hospital.

Blasts done for tunnel construction, villagers afraid

Locals have expressed anger over the blast for a rail tunnel near Dikholaun village of development block Khirsu in Srinagar. In protest, the villagers stopped the work. Villagers say that cracks are coming in the houses due to the blast.


The work of Rishikesh-Karnprayag railroad project is going on in Dikholaun/Dungaripant village, adjacent to Badrinath National Highway. Tunnels and railway stations are being built here. The villagers of Dikholaun allege that the company appointed by RVNL is using explosives to build the tunnel. This is causing cracks in their buildings. People's toilet pits are broken. The environment is also getting polluted.


Several times in the past, the executing organization was requested not to explode but the organization did not agree. On Sunday, the villagers demonstrated against the attitude of the company. The villagers demanded repair of the damaged assets while stopping the work. SDM held on the spot talks with the villagers on telephone. After the SDM's assurance, villagers agreed to resume the work.