Get ready for the thrilling journey from Dehradun to Delhi

Expressway will be built between Dehradun to Delhi reducing the journey to three hours

Get ready for the thrilling journey from Dehradun to Delhi

The work of the third part of the Doon-Delhi Expressway is starting next month. This work is 19 km from Asharodi check-post (Dehradun) to Ganeshpur village (UP). According to NHAI officials, the forest clearance has been received for the 15.5 km express from Ganeshpur to Datkali which falls under UP.  The department needs to deposit the money to the forest department within a week. After cutting the tress, the work of the expressway will start here. Forest clearance had also come from the Uttarakhand government for 3.5 km from Datkali to Asharodi. However, a PIL has been filed for this therefore, after the decision of the High Court, work will start in this area.

Underpasses will be made for the crossing of wildlife

Asharodi to Ganeshpur is a wildlife-dominated area. The expressway from Datkali to Ganeshpur is elevated, so wild animals will not face any problem in crossing. Two underpasses of 200 meters, six bridges of 15 to 20 meters will also be built from Asharodi to Datkali, so that wild animal can cross easily.

14 km elevated expressway and tunnel will also be built

The expressway from Ganeshpur (Saharanpur) will be parallel to the old highway. Beyond this, a 14 km elevated expressway will be built over the river Barsati till Datkali. Another tunnel will be built at Datkali. This six-lane tunnel will be 340 meters. This tunnel will be parallel to the tunnel built earlier. There are already two tunnels at this place.

Doon-Delhi journey will be in about three hours

At present, people have to travel a 250 km long highway to go from Dehradun to Delhi. It takes five to six hours. The new expressway will be built bypassing many cities in the middle. The problem of jam will go away. Its length will be close to 200 km.

Important expressway being built in three parts

The first part of the expressway is from Delhi Akshardham to Baghpat, the second part is from Baghpat to Saharanpur bypass. There is already a six-lane expressway from Saharanpur to Ganeshpur. The third part is from Ganeshpur to Asharodi. Its work will start from next month.

We have got the clearance from the UP government for the forest area in UP. Within a week we will deposit the money to the forest department. As soon as the cutting of trees starts we will also start the work of expressway. The three and a half km stretch of the expressway from Datkali to Asharodi belongs to the Uttarakhand Forest Department. Clearance was received for this too, but a PIL has been filed in the High Court. We are trying to get a hearing on this as soon as possible said Rohit Panwar, Site Engineer, NHAI