Dhami shines in the assembly session

Dhami is the youngest CM but the maturity he showed for the whole six days is commendable. The way Dhami showed his affinity with the members of the opposition Congress has convinced everyone

Dhami shines in the assembly session

The last session of the fourth assembly of the state has concluded. Interestingly, the last session was the first session for the Leader of the House, that is, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami in this role. Dhami is the youngest Chief Minister till date, but the maturity he showed for the whole six days is commendable. He not only took care of the MLAs of the ruling party, but also showed his affinity with the members of the opposition Congress, which has everyone praising him. Opposition MLAs Harish Dhami, Manoj Rawat, Mamta Rakesh staged a sit-in in the assembly to attract the attention of the government, but Dhami reached to them , woke them up from the dharna, and took them to his office where he listened to them. Everyone suddenly remembered Narayan Dutt Tiwari. Tiwari was also seen moving forward with the opposition in a similar way. Now the shine of Dhami is being felt in politics.

So Harak Singh will again contest the election of MLA

Harak Singh Rawat is the all-rounder of the state's politics. All-rounder, means a leader who demonstrates his ability by passing through all the parties. After traveling from BJP, Congress to BSP, he has now returned home. Well, these days it is in the discussion because the desire to contest the assembly elections is starting to take hold. Some time ago Harak had talked about taking retirement. For the four-month-old Chief Minister Tirath, he also showed the desire to leave his assembly seat and go to the Lok Sabha. Now on the pretext of tying rakhi to the sisters in their assembly constituency, he is asking people to demand in the internet media that Harak should contest the next election from Kotdwar. Now if you are a veteran leader, you will get the ticket, but the question is how did his mind change so quickly.

Delhi is far away, now only Uttarakhand

Harish Rawat is currently the most experienced politician of Uttarakhand. No one can guess the political maneuvers of Harda. Be it Congress or BJP, they keep a watchful eye on their every move. At present, Congress is nowhere to be seen in Delhi, so Harda decided that the rest of the politics should be done in Uttarakhand itself. In fact, while being in charge of Punjab, he had to do so much that Harda feels that now it is better to do politics at home. When he reached Delhi, after talking to media in Dehradun, even before meeting Sonia Gandhi, Punjab Congress chief Sidhu announced that he would beat the Congress brick by brick. Rawat was shocked, but somehow took the lead under the guise of cricket, said that Sidhu is a cricketer, keeps hitting fours and sixes, he will handle it.