Dehradun: For the next three days, routes will be diverted at many places in Dehradun

Dehradun: For the next three days,  routes will be diverted at many places in Dehradun

The Commandant Parade will be organized on Thursday in view of the passing out parade of the Indian Military Academy (IMA). There because of the POP of the Indian Military Academy,  the traffic will be diverted from 8 am to 11:30 am.
Meanwhile, the entire area around IMA will remain zero zones for vehicles. This system will be implemented every morning till Saturday.

Whereas, in view of the President's visit, the main diversion plan will remain in force on Friday, December 9. Earlier, on Thursday, the police appealed to the people not to leave the city unnecessarily. So that there is no problem in the traffic system.

POP and rehearsal of IMA

Full dress rehearsal is to be held at IMA on Thursday and Friday. This will be followed by the passing out parade on Saturday. In such a situation, there will be zero zones toward IMA. No vehicle will be allowed in it. Vehicles on the Vikas Nagar route will also be taken out through a separate route.

As per the traffic police, the highway passing between the two campuses of IMA will be made zero zones on Thursday morning for three and a half hours for the rehearsal of the parade. Meanwhile, vehicles leaving here will be diverted through alternate routes.

This will be the route plan

  • The traffic coming from Ballupur will be diverted from Rangadwala Chowki near IMA and will be able to go on the main road towards Premnagar via Mitthiberi.
  • Traffic coming from Premnagar will be diverted from Premnagar Chowk towards Daru Chowk and Menhuwal/Rangadwala.
  • Heavy vehicles coming from Vikas Nagar will be diverted from Herbertpur Chowk towards Dharmawala Chowk. This traffic will be able to come towards the city via the Shimla bypass from Dharmawala Chowk.
  • Heavy vehicles going from Dehradun to Delhi via Vikasnagar Harbutpur will be diverted from Shimla bypass and sent towards Vikasnagar Dharmawala.
  • Small vehicles going from Dehradun to Vikasnagar will be sent via Panditwadi, and Rangadwala to Mitthiberi via Premnagar.
  • All heavy vehicles will be diverted from Harbatpur, Shimla Bypass Chowk, and Ballupur Chowk towards GMS Road.

President's visit

President Draupadi Murmu is reaching Dehradun on Thursday. For this, the police have appealed to the people to at least leave their homes. So that there is no hindrance in the traffic. Apart from this, traffic will be diverted on various routes from 12 noon to 5 pm on the next day i.e. Friday. Vehicles going from ISBT toward the airport will go via Dudhli-Doiwala.

This is a diversion plan

Barricades have been put up for diversion/zero zones on main roads like Mussoorie, New Cantt Road, Rajpur Road, EC Road, Haridwar Road, Haridwar Bypass Road, and Doon University Road. These barricades will remain diversion/zero zones from 12 noon to 5 pm on Friday from the point of view of security. In such a situation, people should not leave their homes unnecessarily. Otherwise, they can be stopped on these routes.

  • Heavy vehicles will be diverted from Kargi Chowk towards Doiwala via Doodhli Marg and will be stopped at Harrawala.
  • Vehicles going to the airport will be diverted from ISBT towards Doiwala via Dudhli Road. Whereas, vehicles coming from Rajpur Road, Sahastradhara Road, and Chakrata Road will be able to use the Raipur-Thano route.

Make school holiday on Friday at 12 noon

On behalf of the police, an appeal has been made to the schools for cooperation in maintaining the traffic system. For this, a letter has been sent asking the schools to be closed before 12 noon on Friday. So that the students coming from the school do not face any problems.

Employees stay in offices from 12 noon to 5 pm

Police have appealed to the employees working in all government and non-government offices to remain in the offices from 12 noon to 5 pm. The police have made this appeal to those offices which are on the diversion route so that they do not have to face unnecessary problems.