Corona update: 1003 new infected cases were found in 24 hours, 30 died, 2778 patients recovered

In Uttarakhand, the figures of corona-infected cases and the death of patients are continuously decreasing. The recovery rate of the state has been recorded at 88.62 percent and the infection rate at 6.82 percent.

Corona update: 1003 new infected cases were found in 24 hours, 30 died, 2778 patients recovered

In Uttarakhand, within the last 24 hours, 1003 new infections were found and 30 patients have died while 2778 patients have been recovered. The total number of infected has gone up to 331478. At the same time, active cases have come down to 25366.

According to the Health Department, the investigation report of 31688 samples has come negatively on Wednesday. At the same time, 216 in Dehradun district, 171 in Haridwar, 119 in Nainital, 126 in Pithoragarh, 79 in Tehri, 58 in Chamoli, 54 in Almora, 57 in Pauri, 48 in Rudraprayag, 44 in Udham Singh Nagar, 18 in Uttarkashi,9 in Bageshwar and 4 infected cases have been found in Champawat district.
30 corona patients have died in the state in the last 24 hours whereas, in three hospitals of Champawat, Nainital and Udham Singh Nagar district, 8 patients deaths data is from the backlog. So far 6535 patients have died.

2778 patients have been recovered today. Including these, 293768 patients have defeated the infection. Active cases are decreasing due to more patients recovering than the infected. Presently 25366 active patients are undergoing treatment.

The vaccine to protect against third wave

In view of the possibility of a third wave of Corona, preparations have started from the district administration. On Wednesday, District Magistrate C Ravi Shankar reviewed by video conferencing to make people aware of infection prevention and vaccination in rural areas. The District Magistrate has said that the third wave can be combated only by vaccination. The vaccine is related to the safety of life as well as the livelihood of the villagers. He also listened to the suggestions of outgoing village heads.

The District Magistrate said that the first wave of Covid was normal, while the second wave affected everyone, in which apart from old people, children and middle-aged people are also falling prey to infection. Amidst all the challenges, the infection is decreasing. A third wave is being feared in which children are said to be affected more. The DM said that vaccination is necessary to prevent infection. He said that even though immunization of children has not started, but vaccination of people above the age of 18 years can go a long way in preventing the spread of infection from the third wave.

The District Magistrate enumerated the benefits of vaccination to the attendee village heads. He said that after getting the vaccine, if there is an infection due to any reason, then also there will not be any danger of death. 100% vaccination should be done till the third wave arrives. He said that people in urban areas have understood the importance of vaccine. People are standing in queues for hours to get vaccinated, but there is still a lack of awareness among people in rural areas.

Villagers gave suggestions

-         Make minorities aware of vaccination.
-         Camps should be set up for vaccination in every village
-         Women should be made aware through Anganwadi workers
-         Those who got the vaccine should get priority in the ration shop.
-         The confusion of the villagers regarding the vaccine should be cleared.

The vaccine is completely safe

District Magistrate C Ravi Shankar said that the vaccine is completely safe. A person may have a normal fever. After a day's fever, gradually everything became normal. He told the visiting heads to explain the importance of vaccine to the villagers. In some rural areas or communities, people are refusing to get the vaccine, which is not good.