Chaurasi Kutia the attraction of the Rishikesh

Shankaracharya Courasi Kuti was established by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Chaurasi Kutia the attraction of the Rishikesh

Chaurasi Kutia the attraction of the Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known as the city of yoga and spirituality in every corner of the world. But, you will be surprised to hear that the place which recognized Rishikesh as the city of Yoga itself remained in darkness for 29 years. 

We are talking about the Shankaracharya Courasi Kuti was established by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is the settler of transcendental meditation yoga. After the formation of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Shankaracharya Nagar (Chaurasi Kuti) was closed for the entry of the common man. Over time, the forest grew here and the whole heritage turned into ruins. But, after 29 years when it was opened for tourists, this place became a favorite place of tourists.

In the year 1961 by taking 15 acres of land on lease from the Forest Department near Swargashram (Rishikesh). Here he developed this place as a meditation-yoga center by building eighty-four small huts with amazing architecture and more than a hundred caves. The buildings built here are still wonderful specimens of architectural art, which were built on the technology of Japan at that time. All these buildings and huts are earthquake resistant, which, despite being in ruins, remain a witness to their heights.

Let us tell you how Shankaracharya Nagar (Chaurasi Kuti) recognized Rishikesh as the city of Yoga. However, apart from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh during that period, saints like Dr. Swami Ram, Swami Sivananda were also known for yoga education. However, Chaurasi Kuti had become a unique center of yoga and meditation.

The Beatles group reached here in 1968

In 1968, Britain's world-famous musical group The Beatles arrived here. There the four members of the Beatles group, George Harrison, Paul Mechanic, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon, stayed here for a long time. This famous musical group of that era has composed many tunes and songs while living here in the ashram. The pilgrimage town Rishikesh became a center of attraction for foreign tourists after the Beatles group came here. After this Rishikesh came to be recognized on the world stage as the International Capital of Yoga. Many foreigners love to visit here and they love the vibe here.

Darkness took place here at a very young age 

The magnificence of Shankaracharya Nagar (Chaurasi Kuti) was eclipsed at a very young age. Chaurasi Kutia Park came under the area after the formation of Rajaji National Park in the year 1983 and the expansion of the park in the year 1986. Due to strict rules for the movement of tourists and the expansion of resources was not possible, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi handed it over to the Forest Department and he himself went to the Netherlands.

With this, the entry of common citizens was barred in the Chaurasi Kutia area. The result was that due to lack of maintenance, the huts and caves built here became a ruin and the whole complex became barren. For nearly 29 years, this heritage, which gave Rishikesh a special identity, remained in the dark of time. Many tourists used to come here to see this heritage related to the memories of the Beatles group. However, they had to return disappointed as they were not allowed to go inside.

After all, six years ago, on December 8, 2015, the Forest Department cleaned and repaired this complex and opened it again for tourists. Since then, domestic and foreign tourists, students, and senior citizens are coming here to visit by paying a fixed fee. After the opening of Chaurasi Kutia, the influx of tourists has increased here continuously. The revenue of the park administration is increasing from the fees charged by the tourists.

Recently, when Rajaji Tiger Reserve presented the record of the last five years, it came to know that this heritage is no less than a treasure. In six years, 1,39,176 foreign and Indian tourists have visited Chaurasi Kutia. Rajaji Park administration has received an income of Rs. 2 crores 33 lakh 29 thousand 685 from the fee received by these tourists.

But after the Corona epidemic had made an impact on income

The worldwide corona epidemic has also had a major impact on eighty-four huts(Chaurasi Kutia). When Chaurasi Kutia was opened for tourists for the first time in December 2015, till March 2016, 4,975 tourists had reached here. In the financial year 2019-20, a maximum of 42233 tourists came to visit Chaurasi Kuti. In March 2020, when the outbreak of the worldwide corona epidemic increased, the four-fourth hut also had to be closed. After which Chaurasi Kutia was again opened for tourists on 16 October 2020. After this, due to the corona epidemic this year too, the influx of tourists in Chaurasi Kuti was somewhat less.

Expansion of tourist facilities

After the opening of Chaurasi Kuti, some tourist facilities were also expanded here. Range Officer Dhir Singh said that recently the herbal garden and Navagraha Vatika were established at Chaurasi Kuti. Apart from this, arrangements have been made for the tourists like drinking water, bio-toilet, nature path, bamboo hut, solar street light, music system, and binoculars, etc.