Big blow to the state government, the center rejected the proposal of air ambulance

The government had a plan to start an air ambulance service for an emergency in inaccessible areas of the state

Big blow to the state government, the center rejected the proposal of air ambulance

Even under the BJP's double engine government, air ambulances have been forbidden in a state like Uttarakhand. This has dealt a big blow to the efforts of the state government to take the patients to the big hospitals at an accelerated pace in case of disaster and emergency.

The Center has rejected the proposal to demand air ambulance sent by the government under the National Health Mission (NHM). In state’s remote areas during an emergency, currently, a patient is carried on back or sticks to the hospital. In many such cases, patients lose his/her breath halfway.

The proposal for air ambulance in the state was sent to the center under NHM. The Center now has sent a letter to inform that air ambulance service was not allowed in NHM this year. The government had plans to start an air ambulance service for critical patients and in disasters.

Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Indira Hridayesh has said that health services are bad in the state, people are not getting vaccinated, vaccination should have been free. There is a shortage of doctors and nurses, the state government has not lived up to these expectations and the center has not helped the state government either. Considering the geographical conditions of the mountain, the facility of air ambulance should have been provided.

Apart from being a hilly state, Uttarakhand is prone to disaster. There are no health facilities in the mountains. In such a situation, the state is in dire need of air ambulances. The state government should arrange for air ambulances from its own resources. Also, this service should be included in the Ayushman scheme. So that every class of people can get the facility said Anup Nautiyal, President Social Development for Community Foundation

Dr. Amita Upreti, former Director-General of Health said that Uttarakhand needs an air ambulance to take road accidents, disasters or any serious patients to the higher center in an emergency, especially in the mountains. It takes a lot of time to transport the patients to the hospital by road. Air ambulance service is needed in case of emergency.