Around 3500 employees of Energy Corporation on strike, power generation stalled in Uttarkashi

About 3500 electricity employees of 10 organizations of UPCL, UJVNL, PTCUL are running a phased agitation for 14 point demands

Around 3500 employees of Energy Corporation on strike, power generation stalled in Uttarkashi
Employees of Energy Corporation on strike

Talks with the secretary and then the chief secretary of the energy workers of the three corporations of Uttarakhand failed. Uttarakhand Vidyut Adhikari Karmachari Sanyukt Sangharsh Morcha started strike from midnight on Monday. Under this, neither the employees will work at UJVNL's power plants nor will they cooperate in any activity related to electricity.

At the same time, after the strike, the turbines of Maneri Bhali one and Maneri Pali have been stopped in Uttarkashi on Tuesday morning. Due to which the power generation has come to a standstill. At the same time, there is a power failure in many areas of Uttarkashi. In Dehradun too, the power supply has been disrupted by many feeders. Energy Secretary Soujanya has again reached Urja Bhavan for talks with the employee organizations. Officials of all the three corporations are also present with her.

About 3500 electricity employees of 10 organizations of UPCL, UJVNL, PITCUL are running a phased agitation for 14 point demands. On Monday, after the Satyagraha at the UJVNL headquarters and the rally in UPCL, the electricity workers sat on a dharna in the UPCL premises itself.

On the other hand, the delegation of employees' organizations held talks with Secretary Energy Soujanya and top officials of corporations for about four hours before noon on Monday, these talks failed.

After this, Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu called the employees for talks. Here also the talks went on for about four hours. After the talks, while the officials of the government looked confident that there would be no strike, the United Front's attitude was tight. Morcha convener Insarul Haque said that the talks were inconclusive. All the electricity employees started strike as no positive decision was taken by the government till midnight. About 3500 electricity workers are participating in this strike.

Electricians of ten organizations reached UJVNL headquarters

Despite incessant rains, a large number of electricity workers gathered at the UJVNL headquarters under the banner of Uttarakhand Electricity Officer-Employee United Front.

On Monday, from 9 a.m., the process of coming to the UJVNL headquarters located on GMS Road started. By 11 am, vehicles of employees of Energy Corporation who came from all over the state were parked on both sides of the road on GMS Road. Everyone sat in solidarity in the pandal outside the headquarters gate. Morcha convenor Insarul Haque while addressing the gathering said that they have been fighting for the right for four years but this time they will not sit silent.

At the same time, Shailendra Dubey, National President of All India Power Engineers Federation said that the government of Uttarakhand has neither intention nor any policy. He said that the job of electricity employees is to bring light by eliminating darkness, but the government is adamant about bringing darkness into their lives. The benefits which were being available to the electricity employees for 40 years were abolished from 2017 onwards. He said that they do not want the strike, but the government is forcing them to do so. In the meeting, the provincial president of Uttarakhand General-OBC Employees Association, Deepak Joshi along with his provincial executive also came to support. He said that all the demands of the employees of energy corporations should be met and he is standing shoulder to shoulder with them.

Long jam on GMS Road

The enthusiasm of the agitating electricity workers overshadowed the traffic of the city. There was a long jam on GMS Road throughout the day. From 10 in the morning till one in the afternoon, it became difficult even for vehicles to leave from here. However, later the police handled the traffic arrangements.

These are the demands of energy workers

For the last 4 years, the employees of the Energy Corporation are constantly in talks with the government regarding the old system of ACP and the regularization of the workers employed through the Upanal and equal pay for the same work. On 22 December 2017, a bilateral agreement was reached between the personnel associations and the government but to date, no action has been taken on that agreement. The employees of the Energy Corporation are upset that their old 9-5-5 ACP system has been abolished in the 7th Pay Commission, which they were getting from the time of Uttar Pradesh. Not only this, there was a lot of tampering in the pay matrix as well. No action was taken regarding equal pay for equal work to contract workers. Apart from this, there was no revision of incentive allowances in power corporations.

Roadways Employees Union gave support

The Provincial Executive of Uttaranchal Roadways Employees Union has given support to the movement of energy corporation workers. Union's Provincial General Secretary Ashok Choudhary said that the 14-point demands of the energy workers should be studied. It was found that all these demands are correct. Therefore, they have also given support to the strike of the electricity workers. He sent a letter of support to Uttarakhand Vidyut Adhikari Karmachari Samyukta Sangharsh Morcha.