After the world record, the pace of vaccination slows down, MP surprised

Covid-19 Vaccination: The campaign started with a record vaccination on 21 June with the goal of applying the corona epidemic vaccine to all citizens of the country by the end of the year

After the world record, the pace of vaccination slows down, MP surprised

The campaign, which started with the goal of immunizing all citizens in the country by the end of the year, has come to an end a day later. According to the data till 10.30 pm last night, 53 lakh 86 thousand people were vaccinated in the country. A day earlier i.e. on Monday when this campaign started, more than 88 lakh people were vaccinated. Yesterday, a maximum of 7 lakh 96000 lakh people were vaccinated in UP.

However, the most surprising figure came from Madhya Pradesh, where a record 16.95 lakh vaccines were administered on Monday. On Tuesday, only 4,825 people could get the vaccine.

Questions raised on the government's campaign

The sharp drop in vaccination figures raises questions as to whether vaccination on such a large scale is sustainable. Supplies appeared to be the place of crisis and there were allegations that some states, including Madhya Pradesh, had hoarded vaccine doses for days to achieve 'Magic Monday'. Seven of the top 10 states that provide the highest dosages have BJP governments.

97 lakh vaccinations needed per day

To meet the Centre's goal of fully immunizing all adults by the end of this year, 97 lakh immunizations need to be done per day. The current supply situation raises questions as to whether the target will be met. The government claims that it can store and administer the required number of vaccines daily. Dr. NK Arora, President, NTAGI (National Advisory Group on Immunization) said, "The government aims to vaccinate 1 crore people every day. And we can hold 1.25 crore doses each day."

The central government is giving full cooperation to the states

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that the Center is fully cooperating with the states in this matter. "We are giving the states enhanced visibility. We tell them how many doses you will get in the next 15 days. So that the states can plan better," he said.

The figures of Madhya Pradesh surprised

But the supply gap was visible in Madhya Pradesh. On Monday, a record 17 lakh people were vaccinated in Madhya Pradesh. On Tuesday, the very next day, the pace of vaccination in the state became very slow. Till 6.30 pm on Tuesday, only less than 5,000 people were vaccinated in the state. At the same time, the state government has denied the talk of hoarding to ensure a big spike.

"There is no such issue of hoarding vaccines"

State Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said, "There is no such issue of hoarding of vaccines." He said, "Maybe there were some data entry issues which earlier reflected the low numbers. On Monday all our vaccinations were done in front of your eyes. There is nothing to hide. The kind of questions you are asking I'm surprised by that."

Uttar Pradesh is one of the few states that crossed its record of 6 lakh doses on Monday by vaccinating over 7 lakh people on Tuesday.