After four months, the bell finally rings in the schools. See photos

After waiting for four months, the bell was heard in the schools on Monday and the bags were visible on the shoulders of the children. There was joy and enthusiasm on the faces of the students.

After four months, the bell finally rings in the schools. See photos

Under the government's new standard operating procedure (SOP), school managers have to confirm that they have completed all preparations. At present, the classes of the children have started for only three hours from 9 am to 12 noon. Schools had issued SOPs from their level for the start of classes from class 9 to 12 in the state from Monday.

Schools from classes 9 to 12 were to be opened from Monday. In the meeting of the Education Secretary held two days ago, changes were made in the program issued earlier regarding the conduct of classes. Now classes from 6 to 8 are to start from August 16.

School managment say that the preparations for the schools to open from August 2 had been completed by them two days in advance.School classes have been completely sanitized. The seats in the class have also been fixed according to the rule of physical distance.Classes will run for three hours only from 9 am to 12 am. Children are not allowed in school without masks. Also, children are required to bring a consent form from their parents.

BEO Shrikant Purohit said that instructions have been issued to all CBSE and government schools regarding the opening of schools.The health of the children is being taken care of in the schools. Checking is also being done regarding this.

On the other hand, the Joint Magistrate will hold a meeting on August 3 with the principals of all CBSE and ICSE board affiliated schools of Roorkee regarding the classes from class 9 to 12 starting from August 2 in the state.

Block Education Officer Shrikant Purohit said that following the Corona rules, only one of the principals or managers from every school has to reach the meeting.