Actor Sanjay Mishra danced fiercely on Pahadi songs in his in-laws' house

Sanjay Mishra, who arrived at his in-law's side's wedding in Ranikhet, danced fiercely to Uttarakhandi folk songs dressed in Kumaoni clothes

Actor Sanjay Mishra danced fiercely on Pahadi songs in his in-laws' house

In the Corona era, where many Bollywood celebrities went abroad for a holiday, veteran actor Sanjay Mishra is spending free time in Uttarakhand. Be it Babuji of 'Aankhon Dekhi' or the blind old Baba of 'Kadvi Hawa', Sanjay gets deep into every character. He makes you cry as much as he makes you laugh on screen.

Sanjay Mishra, who has won everyone's heart with his performance, is in Uttarakhand these days. In the past, he was seen growing vegetables and building houses in Marchula. Sanjay Mishra, who is active on social media, is giving moment-to-moment updates from the plaintiffs of Uttarakhand. Recently, he had also posted a video in praise of Mission Hausla of Uttarakhand Police. Now two more videos of him have surfaced from Ranikhet. Sanjay Mishra, who arrived here at the wedding of his in-laws’ side, was seen dancing on Uttarakhandi folk songs with women dressed in Kumaoni clothes.

This video of him is becoming very viral on social media. Sanjay Mishra's in-laws are in Didihat of Pithoragarh. Sanjay Mishra was also seen enjoying fiercely in the wedding held in Ranikhet. Sanjay's enthusiasm was building on seeing Kumaoni songs in the wedding ceremony.

The video is said to be of 30 May. Actor Sanjay Mishra's love for Uttarakhand is not hidden from anyone. From time to time, he has been speaking on the issues related to the mountain, he also keeps posting videos related to it on social media.

Through these, Sanjay tells people how beautiful Uttarakhand is and nothing better than living here. Fans are lavishing love on the viral video of his dancing skills on social media.