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Dehradun. live is an independent, upcoming local news portal. It gives you a first-hand account of the latest Dehradun News, analysis, and opinions on entertainment, politics, sports, health, lifestyle, interesting facts, and whatnot. It enables you to keep track of everything that matters most to you. We update our readers on the latest trends in travel, business, and food & drinks. 

Learn about glitzy malls and markets to go on a shopping spree. Get tips on a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise for mental and physical well-being. We update you on the latest trends in food, drinks, and authentic restaurants to have a blast with your friends in one of the happening places. Get to know about the safest sites that offer adrenaline-pumping adventure sports.  

Its leadership team comprises the most seasoned and respected journalists with proven track records in media. We are headquartered in Dehradun and are in the process of building a network across Uttarakhand for high-quality journalism. Our journalists and reporters follow a code of ethics to make it a trusted go-to site for all the local news in and around Dehradun and Uttarakhand.  

We use new media technologies like video, audio, data, interactive chart to present the narratives. Our team reports and publishes stories of public interest. It is real news with no hype, bias, or inaccurate facts. Our journalism is free and fair without external influences. 

As a news site, we support the larger public interest and adhere to democratic values. Good reporting drives our platform on issues of local interests. We endeavor to provide authoritative analysis and commentary. 

The founding premise of the site is – Quality journalism thrives and sustains on independence and space. The media organization gives editors the free hand they need. We maintain professional standards on reporting and do not allow toxic practices and ethical breaches that vitiate the media ecosystem. 

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