10 Must- Visit Best Cafes and Restaurants in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is the best place for any traveler who wants to take out some time to relax in a place with a beautiful natural view.

10 Must- Visit Best Cafes and Restaurants in Mussoorie

10 Must-Visit Best Cafes and Restaurants in Mussoorie

Have you ever wondered about sitting beside a beautiful landscape with good food, and mellow vibes? Mussoorie is the perfect place we'll recommend you to visit once. The Queen of hills is the best place for those who seek to quench their thirst for wanderlust. From its green forests to its vistas of mountains, Mussoorie is the best place for any traveler who wants to take out some time to relax in a place with a beautiful natural view.

Mussorie is among the popular hill stations of our country, it's also famous for its contemporary and traditional cafes. While the fresh air and scenic landscape are enough to visit Mussoorie & if you're a fussy teenager or a family man who is visiting Mussoorie with their family & friends and want to find out some of the best spots to visit in the city, here we are recommending you the best cafes in Mussoorie. We list out everything you need to know about the best cafes in Mussoorie, scroll down to find out the best cafes in Mussoorie you cannot miss visiting once when in Mussoorie.

Let's see some of the Best Cafes in Mussoorie.

Cafe Young

A cafe located in the heart of Mussoorie with a beautiful nature view provides the best food and a friendly environment to their customers they'll ever have. Entering through a small entrance no one can imagine a beautiful and cute cafe with a great ambiance anyone can get in Mussoorie. Cafe young's food presentation, hospitality towards their customer, Food taste & quality, and cafe view are wholesome❤️. A must-visit cafe in the heart of Mussoorie. Highly recommended. Café young is surely one of the Best cafes in Mussoorie.

Address - 4 London House, Mall Road, Mussoorie

Contact no. - 9891197464

Le Lama Café

Le lama Cafe is one of the finest cafes in Mussoorie. Its cozy atmosphere and variety of snacks with Western food options make it a food Paradise for foodie people like me. The staff recommends Cafe's mutton burger, pepperoni pizza, blackberry shakes, and spicy fries as well as their pesto pizza with bacon. Le Lama Cafe chef also recommends their herbal tea for the Tea lover. Le lama is also among the best Cafes in Mussoorie. A  very peaceful place to sit along with your friends and family, a must-visit.

Address - 1 London house, near Union Church, picture palace, Kulri, Mussoorie

Contact no.- 8126383273

Landour Bake House 

You are visiting Mussoorie and you don't go to the famous Landour Bake House is something no one recommends. Located near Sister's Bazar Landour Bake House is an ideal spot to spend time in natural beauty. Vintage Looks and decorations remind you of the colonial era. The menu comprises classic food largely of fresh bread, cakes, pastries, tart, assorted cookies, and nonetheless muffins. The menu also offers a classic tea collection that includes tea-like ''Madeleines".

Address- Sister's Bazar, Landour, Mussoorie

Contact no.- 8755343343

Char Dukan

Char Dukan is also known as the real Mussoorie. Telling about the iconic eatery this four-shop setup offers a variety of means & snacks as well as beverages to their customers. Ask for Mathew Wai Wai and their famous Extra cheesy bun omelets & masala maggie too when here. Talking about Mathew Wai Wai, the owner reveals that the dish was named after a student who taught the owner how to cook instant noodles for him.

Address- Char Dukan, Landour, Mussoorie

Emily's Rokeby Manor


Emily's Rokeby has a library inside it, making it a bibliophile's (person who loves books) delight. It brings a very countryside feel to its customers with wooden furniture, floral wallpaper & bricked walls. They also bake their fluffy bread, so the place always smells like the aroma of fresh Baked goods. A lovely tea garden right next to the door so you can pick up your tea and take a casual stroll. Emily's Rokeby has a wide variety of food on its menu; Kerala curry, mustard chicken, biryani & fish in the mustard sauce are some popular dishes Emily's Rokeby.

Address- Landour Cantt, Mussoorie


Heading back to Mussoorie now,

Cafe By the Way

An ideal spot to sit for a coffee break as are exploring different places at mall road or Mussoorie. Located in an old building, Cafe by the way's vintage decoration inside will take you back in time. The cafe has many old things from Old records and cameras to a scooter that has its noticeable rustic charm. The coffees and shakes, sandwiches, garlic bread, and paninis recommend by the cafe staff. We recommend you to grab your favorite book and spend some time here, eating delicious food and taking in the great natural sight.

Address - 1, South End House, Gajendra Building, The Mall Rd, Mussoorie

Contact no. - 9720922020

Casa Mia Bakery

Anyone can Easily spot this cute-small bakery on a stroll down Mall road. Casa Mia Bakery is known for making fresh-baked croissants, muffins, pies, and delicious bread. We recommend placing an order for a fruit cream which is not so sweet and full of fruits making it very unique. Their hot crisp patties are the order to place on cold winter days. There is no seating available as such, but the food is very delicious that you won't mind taking your order and eating it somewhere else of your choice.

Address - The Mall Rd, Mussoorie

Contact no - 9313703780

Kalsang Friends Corner 


Kalsang friends corner serves 3 different types of food - Tibetan, Thai & Chinese. It has an outlet in Dehradun also, An exhaustive menu that covers everything from breakfast to dinner. Steamed momos are very famous here you must order, they have paper-thin casings with fresh fillings. We recommend ordering their steamed buns, tingo, soup and their specialty "the Tibetan tea", it normally all full so go there much before you meal time.

Address - The Mall Rd, Survey Colony, The Mall Road, Mussoorie 

Contact - 9897339788

Wisteria Deck, JW Marriot Mussoorie 

A visit to Famous Wisteria Deck at JW Marriot feels like you're on top of the world, The only vega cafe is located at around 6000feet above sea level. talking about the cafe, and its menu the Staff recommends you to try Unique FAB Pizza which uses three nutrition millets - Finger, Amarnath, and the barnyard millets. You can also try their garden fresh salads, handcrafts pasta, wood-smoked pizzas & the Himalayan rice bowl visiting there. And also don't miss the classic Tiramisu with a twist.

Address - Village - Siya Kempty fall Rd, Charleville, Mussoorie

Contact no - +91 135-2635700


Lovely Omelette Centre 


All the good things cannot be big, Lovely omelet center comes in small packages & all the locals approve of this one. You might have to wait for your order of an Omelette. You will see many people hanging out with their friends and waiting for their orders. It is always fun watching these being skillfully dished out. We recommend you to try their famous "Masala omelet, chocolate omelet & cheese omelet. 

Address - The Mall Road, Kulri market, Mussoorie 

Chic Chocolate 


A photogenic cafe with Coloured tiles, iron furniture, and food boards makes it in everyone's Instagram feeds. The cafe got a whole selection of homemade chocolates, crust pizzas, chocolate waffles, nachos, and delicious fruit creams. Their momos are also really delicious and if want to take something back home so you can buy their stick jaws which is a caramel toffee that is the locals' favorite and a must-try toffee from Mussoorie.

Address - The Mall Rd, The Mall Road, Mussoorie